Essential Business Etiquette’s one should’ve

Most Essential Business Etiquette's in India

What is Business Etiquettes??

Hello everyone, I welcome you all to my other blog post.

So, as I promised you that we will publish regular articles. So, today we have taken our first topic that is Business Etiquette’s from the Subject ‘Soft Skills and Personality Development’.

Before knowing the meaning of Business Etiquette’s, firstly we should know the meaning of Etiquettes.

So, let’s start with the Introduction.

Etiquettes are the way you present yourself to someone who is in your surroundings either directly or indirectly associated with you.

So, Business Etiquette’s is also the same but their context is different. Business etiquettes are like how you present yourself in an organization who are in your surroundings.

Your etiquettes can be easily known with a first meeting with you like in your Personal Interview by Handshake Etiquette’s and If we don’t go further when you’re appointing for the interview, you got a call from the HR dept. of the firm. At that time, your communication can be easily tracked by talking with you on your cell phone by Telephone Etiquettes.

Now, I believe you’ve been understood what we are going to study. So, let’s start with the first one.

Handshake Etiquettes-

The way we do handshake with the other person is known as Handshake Etiquettes. There is a proper way of doing handshakes in Business in different situations. It plays a good role in learning Business Etiquettes.

So, we should keep in mind a few things while doing handshakes-

  • Ladies, first-Whenever you meet a lady incorporate. The lady will be the one who will extend their hand for a handshake first. Men shouldn’t extend their hand first.

  • First Palms should be met-  When we do handshake with someone, instead of touching their fingers first, first both people palms should be met. At that time, both people thumbs should be up. After that, both will touch the fingers and down the thumbs.

  • Hands shouldn’t be sweaty-Whenever you do handshake incorporate, your hands shouldn’t be sweaty. It gives a very bad impression. You can first wash your hands. Then, you can continue or you can say one thing that ‘My hands are sweaty right now. Wait, I am coming in 2 minutes by washing my hands.’
  • It should be gentle-Your hands should be gentle whenever you do handshake with someone. It shouldn’t be too much strong especially with a lady. It should be a little bit firm which shows confidence.                                                                                                                   
  • Don’t do both hands handshake- Sometimes people do the handshakes by using their both hands. It is done when one people is so much happy with many other people. But this is not a true sign of Business Etiquettes. It is not acceptable in the Corporate world.
  • Don’t do handshake from Forearms- Sometimes what happens when one person hand is dirty or sweaty, what they do they extend their forearm for a handshake which is not an appropriate way of doing a handshake.
  • Don’t tickle other person hands- We have seen so many times in our daily life that some peoples are like when they do a handshake,  he/she tickle other person hands so that to create an entertaining environment which is also not acceptable in Corporate world.

  • Don’t do handshake like a Deadly Fish- This is the mostly scene seen in the case of girls. I am not talking about all the girls, there are some girls when she shakes their hands with men, they only touch their fingers which looks like a Deadly fish.
  • Always stand up to do handshake-Handshakes are known to give respect to another person. So, whenever a person is standing far from you and He/She came to you for a handshake, you should first stand up and after that, you should do handshakes.

    So, here we go. These are the few points we should know before doing handshakes. Now, come to the next one??

    Telephone Etiquettes-

Whenever you communicate with the other persons on a cellphone incorporate, the way you perceive their call and talk to them is known as Telephonic Etiquettes.

So, firstly we will talk about How to perceive a call in Corporate world or Business and I will also give a sample for how to perceive a call after these points.

How to perceive a call-

    • Always start with greetings like Good Morning, Afternoon etc.
    • After this, give your company Identity.
    • Then, know the identity of another person.
    • Then, tell the main matter or the purpose why you’re communicating with him/her.
    • Always speak in a gentle voice.
    • Don’t only speak your points, also listen to the customer point of view in the form of problems, query etc.
  • In the end, you should say Thank You along with warm wishes.


Glad Tutor(Glad): Hello, Good Morning sir.

Client- Yeah Good Morning.

Glad- This is Glad for Yeah, I believe you’ve made a query into our website regarding getting notes for Financial Management.

Client- Yeah, right. I have made a query. I want notes for Financial Management.

Glad- So, Sir do you want the complete notes of Financial Management or any Particular topic?

Client- Yeah, I want the notes for only three topics- Capital Structure, Capital Budgeting and Working Capital Management topic.

Glad- OK, I will mail you the notes after 2 hours on your registered email.

Client- Yeah, alright. Thanks, Glad.

Glad- Happy to serve you. Have a nice day??.

So, this is an example of how to perceive a call in Corporate. I believe you have learned how to perceive a call.

When you’ll work in the corporate, there are some Do’s and Don’ts which a person should know while talking on a cellphone.


  • Full knowledge about the product-Whenever you talk to your client/ customers, you should know about the full knowledge of the products and services of the company.
  • In case of putting the call on the hold-If customer has called you and if you ask some time to reply to their query and If you put the phone on hold. Always say ’Sir, plz wait for a few minutes. We get back to you in some time.’
  • When you take more time than the time you’ve asked-If the time for holding the call exceeds than the time you’ve said to you. Then you should say ‘ Sorry for waiting for you’ and then solve their problems.
  • Always listen to the problems of Customer/Clients- Whenever you talk to your customers, instead of saying too much about their products and services about the customers, we should also listen to the customer point of view because customer sometimes is saying something else but we don’t listen to them.
  • Always be polite- In the corporate world, there is all type of peoples. When we talk to our clients, there are also some peoples who are rude and not happy with the products and services of the company. But we have to treat him lightly and don’t be rude with them.
  • Always talk with the left hand- Whenever you talk to the customer on the phone, you should take the receiver from the left hand and take pen and notebook with the right hand.
  • Always reply to the queries of clients- Whenever customer ask for queries in the app review section or contact forum of Website, try to reply to them as soon as because it will help to your company for generating Leads.


  • Don’t ever slam the receiver- It doesn’t matter how much you’re rude or hassle by talking with the customer. Don’t ever slam the receiver. It doesn’t give a good sign.
  • Never put the line open- Whenever you ask the customer to hold the call, never leave the line open. There can be some confidential matter which we don’t want to convey to him/her.
  • Don’t say No if you don’t know- If you don’t know about the solution of their query. You shouldn’t say No to them for saving your time. You can transfer your call to your higher professional which will give the customer a good impression towards the company.
  • Don’t ever ask about the payment- Whenever you talk to the customer/client always tell about their products and services but not about the price and also you shouldn’t say this thing to your customer that Why you’ve not done the payment?  This will give a very bad impression on the customer.
  • Don’t eat anything while you talk- Whenever you talk to your customers, you shouldn’t eat or chew anything which also doesn’t give a good impression.

So, these are the few points of Do’s and Don’ts and Now I finish this topic. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Great Topic ‘Business Etiquette’s ’.

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