Financial Management Notes for MBA, BBA and B.COM PDF Download

Financial Management Notes for MBA, BBA PDF Download

Finance is always a Life Blood of every Enterprise. Finance is not just related to managing the Finance, but it is also related to anticipation, procurement and allocation of finance whenever required. For all these activities, A Finance Manager is required to have knowledge about Financial Management. I also want to give you that Knowledge by Financial Management Notes. You can see the Contents of Our Notes below. We have designed our Financial Management Notes for MBA, BBA and B.COM students.

But before that, Let’s know a Perfect Definition of Finance by Harry G Guthmann and Herbert E Dougal,

Business Finance can be broadly defined as the activity concerned with planning, raising, controlling and administering the funds used in the Business

and Ofcourse the Definition of Financial Management,

Financial Management is not only acquiring the funds but allocating the funds in such a manner so as to maximize the Profit to achieve the organizational goals.”

Financial Management Notes PDF Topics

Financial Management Notes Topics

In the Content of our FM Notes, You can see the Orange Colour Highlighted Text. Those are the Topics on which I have already written the Article. You can check those out for Overview.

So, Check out the Contents of the Notes-

  • Time Value of Money
  • Leverage Analysis- Operating, Financial and Combined Leverages
  • Capital Structure- Theories and Approaches of Capital Structure
  • Dividend Policy- Introduction, Consideration and Approaches to Valuation of Stock Dividend Models
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Management
  • Receivable Management

Overview of Financial Management Notes for MBA, BBA and B.COM

Glad Tutor provides you with the Complete  Financial Management Notes for BBA, B.COM, MBA and other Management Students. These are the Handmade Lecture PDF Notes. Along with the Notes, You will also get the Latest Question Paper of Financial Management.

These Notes are designed according to the syllabus of Popular Management Colleges/ Universities. You will get the Complete Knowledge about all the concepts of FM from these notes.

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FM Notes for MBA Students

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Have some Queries?? So, Let’s have an FAQ.

Important Questions for Financial Management

  • Why Financial Management is important for an organization?? Also tell the Objectives of Financial Management.
  • Explain the Short-Term and Long-Term Sources of Finance with Examples.
  • Define Capital Structure and also the factors affecting Capital Structure.
  • Explain the Net Income and Net Operating Income Approach of Capital Structure alongwith their Assumptions.
  • What is Cost of Capital? Write its Significance, Classification and the Computation.
  • Explain the NPV and IRR Methods of Capital Budgeting with the advantages and disadvantages. Also tell its Difference and Similarities.
  • What is Time Value of Money?
  • Define the Hedging and Conservative Approaches of Working capital Management??
  • What is the Need to Hold the Inventory?? Explain the Techniques of Inventory Management also.
  • What do you mean by Dividend Policy and Explain its relevance and non-relevance theories.
  • What is the Difference between Operating and Financial Leverage??

Thinking about the Answers of these Questions. Don’t worry. You will get all the answers from our Financial Management Notes for MBA 2nd Sem and other Management Students from the Button below.

FM Notes for MBA 2nd Sem pdf

Want to Ask Question?

I believe You have now some Queries in your Mind. So, check out your Answers.

Q- How will I get access to the Notes??

Ans- You will get an email in which you will get the Financial Management Notes in a PDF form. This is highly secured. If some problem persists, you can contact me.

Q- I am a B.COM Student. Is it also beneficial for me??

Ans- Yes it will be helpful for you also because We have designed the Syllabus of our Financial Management Notes for all the BBA, B.COM and MBA Students.

Q- Is it Enough to read from these notes??

Ans- Yes, of course. You will have ample knowledge of the Concepts of Financial Management by these Notes. You will definitely score well if you prepare from our Notes.

Still, Have some Query Left?? For You, I have written an Intro about Financial Management which will cover it’s Key Aspects. So, Let’s Read that first.

Start with its Meaning- Financial Management is concerned with the Proper Utilization of Financial Resources. In simple words, it aims at maximising Profits and minimisation of Cost. It helps in firm’s growth by determining the Cash and Cash Equivalents of the Company.

Significance of Financial Management

  • Acquiring the Sufficient Funds.
  • Proper Utilization of finance.
  • Financial Analysis and Interpretation
  • CVP Analysis
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Working Capital Management
  • Profit Planning and Controlling
  • Dividend Policy

Scope and Functions of Financial Management are better explained here. So, Let’s Move Forward.

Organization of Finance Function

Financial Activity is the most important part of every Organization. It is created under the Control of Board of Director. The Board Executive who control the Financial Department is known as Chief financial Officer.

There are different names of this Designation in different companies. The Organization of Financial Management can be better explained as-

Financial Management Notes for BBA

I believe Now Your All Queries have been solved. So, What are you thinking now?? Get the Financial Management Notes for MBA, BBA and B.COM with Model Question Paper at just Rs.49.

FM Notes for MBA 2nd Sem pdf

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